Why Are Medical Personnel Across the US Performing Synchronized Tik Tok Dance Routines?

Ed Reynolds

April 18, 2020


You don’t have to be a raving lunatic conspiracy theorist to take a minute to ask yourself:

“If we’re in the middle of a pandemic that is so completely devastating that the New York Times went so far as to describe US hospitals as “war zones“, then why and how in the actual F**CK are doctors and nurses finding the time of day to film hours of choreographed dance routines on Tik Tok and YouTube?”

I mean, it’s a pretty good question right?

If so many people were dying of such a deadly virus that they were “being stacked like cords of wood”, you’d think all these doctors and nurses would be so busy taking care of patients, that it would be considered extremely offensive to film themselves doing dance routines to expletive-laden pop music.

And the real question, as mentioned previously, is how are they finding the time for this? Like, this is a purely logical question.

The entire US population is locked up inside of their houses, losing their jobs, losing their mortgages, losing their businesses and losing everything they own due to the response by politicians in this country to what has been so far, basically the average flu season.

As I’ve said before, this is like a mosquito biting your arm and instead of slapping it, you shoot it with a 12-gauge.

Enjoy the dance routines!

They really are just adorable aren’t they?

By the way, there are dozens of these videos on social media.