Battlefield 2042 – Preview

Ed Reynolds 

June 10, 2021


After Battlefield 1 turned out to be such a flop compared to what is in my opinion the best first-person shooter ever made, Battlefield 4; DICE and EA have finally released a preview to the latest game in the franchise – Battlefield 2042.

The game appears to have some very unique features for a modern-day FPS. You’ve got Boston Dynamics-style robot dogs with weapons attached to their heads, natural disasters and you’re able to fly in a wingsuit which looks insanely fun. I honestly hope (as it looks in the preview) they keep the bullet/projectile physics from the previous Battlefield games (compared to the hit-box physics found in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare).

I’m pretty exited for this game and will probably pick it up the day it’s released.

Editor’s note: EA and DICE will be releasing gameplay footage of Battlefield 2042 on June 13th, 2021.