Americans Declare Their Hatred of Communism

Ed Reynolds

September 7, 2021


If there’s one thing Americans are known for, it’s loving Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ (Praise Be His Name Forever and Ever) and hating Communism along with the little dick-faced shitbags that promote it.

All Communists are fat weak little terrorist fat-boy punks who prey on the weak, elderly and sick. Also, let it be known that they are only allowed to exist because they’re heavily protected by the state and the political elite. They hate our country, they hate our way of life and they hate Jesus Christ too (which I’m not sure how that’s even possible unless you’re a terrorist and/or a violent hate filled monster)

Americans are pissed off.

And they don’t like skinny little fat boy pussy-mouth dick-faced Communist shitbags like Gabriel Gape who hate America and Christ.

To anyone reading this, do yourself a favor. Play the first video on repeat (on a separate tab) while playing the second video to enjoy both at maximum quality.

If someone were to splice the videos this way, they would be doing the Lord’s work.